ALTURAS GROUP OF COMPANIES is implementing a Loyalty Program dubbed as “Alturas One”. The Alturas One (A1) card entitles loyal patrons to a higher level of shopping experience by offering points-based rewards which may come in the form of discounts, prizes or rebates, and/or other membership privileges from our merchant and partner establishments.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Loyalty Program is open to all customers of Alturas Mall, Plaza Marcela & Island City Mall (Alturas Group of Companies’ Stores), who are 18 years old and above.
  2. The applicant mush accomplished the Alturas One (A1) Member Application form at the A1 Desk of any of the above-mentioned stores. A photocopy of any of the required ID’s must be submitted. Applicant is required to pay the membership fee of One Hundred pesos (Php100.00), before being issued with an A1 card.
  3. The A1 Card must be presented every time a purchase/payment is made. Member has the exclusive right to enjoy the privileges. Card is non-transferable. AGC Stores reserve the right to reject use of cards anytime as deemed appropriate.
  4. Member must not use his/her card to earn points from transactions of other customers.
  5. The A1 Card cannot be used in conjunction with other discounting or promo offers at the participating AGC Stores.
  6. Death of card holder will automatically forfeit the membership and the corresponding privileges he/she is entitled to. A1 Cards are non-transferable; hence use by another person other than the original cardholder is considered a fraudulent act.
  7. Selected merchant partners of AGC Stores may also offer their own discounts/freebies or other perks to A1 cardholders. These perks will be governed by the merchants own terms and conditions which are subject to change without prior notice. Availment of card privileges may be possible by presentation of card and/or limited-issue coupons.
  8. One point equals one peso (P1.00). Points generated cannot be converted to cash.
  9. The AGC Stores rewards system will keep on accumulating points of A1 cardholders – from registration up to expiry date. Rewards based on the points could be in the form of products/services from any of the designated Alturas Group participating stores. Redemption is now going on.
  10. Participating stores owned by Alturas Group of Companies will offer the following points: (Note: PO or IHCC payment will not earn points. AGC Stores reserve the right to change the points anytime without prior notice.)
Participating Stores Equivalent Points by Tender Type
Cash / ATP / Giftcheck Bank Card / Pitakard
Value Points Value Points
Supermarket 400 1.0 400 0.25
Freshmarket 400 1.0 400 0.25
Medicine+ 400 1.0 400 0.25
Fixrite 400 1.0 400 0.25
Food Walk 200 1.0 200 0.25
Bread Cottage 200 1.0 200 0.25
Home & Fashion 200 1.0 200 0.25
ASC Tech 400 1.0 200 0.25
Guess 400 1.0 400 0.25
Kamiseta 400 1.0 400 0.25
Wholesale (SM) 2,000 1.0 2,000 0.25

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Alturas Group of Companies (AGC) is a forerunner in the development of Bohol’s vibrant economy, now on it’s 33rd year of dedicated service to the Boholanos and the Visayan region, from retail to agri business.
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