Alturas “Bayanihan” outreach programs

social-recent-3Since time immemorial, Filipinos are always known to display the bayanihan spirit which is defined as a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective or purpose.

At the Alturas Group of Companies, the same admired principle of bayanihan spirit is being espoused and propagated as the company always extends its hands and reaches out to the community through continuous humanitarian undertakings, as provided in the main thrust of its corporate social responsibility.

Usually conducted in the barangays and other places where the Alturas farms are located, the company’s community outreach program, dubbed as Bayanihan, offers free medical and dental clinics, feeding program, jobs fair and more, to the thousands of poor barangay folks who want to avail themselves of the free services offered by Alturas.

Local government units, especially the barangay councils, are always grateful to the Alturas Group of Companies for the conduct of these worthwhile programs initiated by the company in their locality, as more of their deprived constituents can avail of the adequate medical care and other services.

Just a few months ago, Bayanihan outreach programs were conducted in Brgy. Tabalong, Dauis, July 29; July 30, Bilar; Alturas-Talibon, August 6; Ubay, September 2, Ubay; Brgy. La Hacienda, Alicia, September 23; and Pilar, October 2; where volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical personnel offered their time and efforts to dedicate their profession of serving the patients in dire need of medical attention.

Foods and some grocery items were also distributed to feed the hungry and malnourished, while jobs fairs were also set-up to curb the unemployment problem in the barangays. Entertainments like talents presentation, together with Jollibe mascot; and magic show add glitters to the wholeday activity.

With the helping hands of the Alturas Group of Companies, through the support of the generous benefactors, the Bayanihan continues to serve the beneficiaries in other places. Schedules are already set on November 26, Alturas Mall; December 3, Ubay; December 10, Pilar; and December 17, Dimiao.

This outreach program will continue forever as it is enshrined in consonance with the company dictum where blessings must be shared to the public it serves!

Areas of Support

Social Responsibility
It has been a commitment of the company to maintain good relationship with the community, and shares back what it has to the public it serves.

Environment & Nature
Care for the environment and nature has been given utmost importance by the company as it always takes heed in whatever environmental concerns of the community.

Conflict & Disaster Aid
The company has been noted for its unwavering support and commitment in the protection of life and properties, especially in the fight against fires.