More shelter assistance for quake victims from Alturas.

social-recent-1The Alturas Group of Companies (AGC) continues to rebuild houses for quake victims through the helping hands of the different generous donors.

In its Shelter Assistance Program, AGC bares more 174 beneficiaries who will get construction materials worth P10,000 each for a totally damaged house, or worth P5,000 each for a partially damaged house. The names of the third batch of beneficiaries are published in this paper.
In the first batch, there were a total of 1,993 beneficiaries, and 280 in the second batch. With 174 in the third batch, there are now a total of 2,447 beneficiaries who already availed themselves of shelter assistance.

The allocated amount was taken from the funds generated from the donations and contributions of several benefactors, mostly company suppliers and international multinational companies; private donors and other concerned citizens who want to take part in the humanitarian efforts of the company.

Alturas on its part is also grateful enough to the different generous donors, who, in one way or another, supported and extended assistance to the company’s mission.

When it comes to involvement in the community, Alturas always lend a helping hand to those who are in dire need of assistance. Since time immemorial, the company has always been at the forefront of helping the less fortunate people as part of its continuous humanitarian undertaking.

Areas of Support

Social Responsibility
It has been a commitment of the company to maintain good relationship with the community, and shares back what it has to the public it serves.

Environment & Nature
Care for the environment and nature has been given utmost importance by the company as it always takes heed in whatever environmental concerns of the community.

Conflict & Disaster Aid
The company has been noted for its unwavering support and commitment in the protection of life and properties, especially in the fight against fires.