Marcela Farms: The first to supply quality hogs to Luzon

mfi-pigs-news-thumbAs pork supply in Luzon is dwindling due to the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), Marcela Farms, Inc. (MFI) helps to address the shortage by shipping its ample supply of quality hogs to the said virus-stricken region, the first ever done by a local farm here.

This is quite a historic feat for MFI which is the first to supply livestock to a big pork-consuming market like Metro Manila and Luzon, said farm manager Joseph Gildore. “I consider this a worthy achievement also considering the stiff competition among big-time hog growers from Cebu and Mindanao; and the hassles of transport and high delivery cost of live shipments amidst quarantine protocols both for ASF and Covid-19”, he added.

A subsidiary of the Alturas Group of Companies (AGC), MFI had already delivered shiploads of live pigs in two container vans to Metro Manila this week, with more shipments to follow because of more demands from prospect buyers.

Data show that supply of pork in Luzon is down by up to 40 percent in the last two months after piggery owners stop raising swine because of fear of the hog virus. The deficit could only be augmented by supply from Visayas and Mindanao, as it is also unlikely to import from other Asian countries due to the same animal diseases they might have, aside from the expensive freight.

One of the largest integrated farms in the country with its state-of-the-art technology and high-end facilities, MFI is among the hog raisers who heed the call of the industry stakeholders to transport their pigs and pork products to the Capital.

Mr. Gildore added MFI is proud to have a sufficient supply of hogs and other livestocks here, including agri and aqua products like bangus, tilapia, and shrimps, locally produced here in Bohol. He always assures the consuming public that AGC has adequate stocks of basic commodities in all of its big supermarkets at Island City Mall, Alturas Mall, Alta Citta Mall, and Plaza Marcela, including Alturas Talibon and Tubigon; and Colonnade in Cebu.

“Alturas can always provide to the consumers, and never runs out of its stocks. Our farms have local products like meat, poultry, seafoods, rice, etc., and always give priority to our valued Boholano customers. As you also notice, regular prices of products are maintained at the Supermarket, and there are no price increases. That’s one big advantage of having a local farm here like MFI,” said Mr. Gildore.

As Luzon is still up againt the spread of the ASF, he further added there’s nothing to worry here in Visayas as the Department of Agriculture declares it is still free from the virus. According to him, here at MFI, the farms always adhere to international food safety and health standards, and strictly enforcing the bio-security and quarantine measures to effectively manage, contain and control any entry of animal diseases.

Known for its reputable farm products, Marcela Farms, Inc. right now continues as a major supplier of chickens to fastfood giants like Max’s Restaurant, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Kuya J Restaurant, and other well-known chicken restaurants in Manila, and other parts of the country.

The modern piggery of Marcela Farms, Inc., located in Brgy. Lourdes, Cortes, is always under strict bio-security measures to guarantee safe and healthy products for consumers. In fact, the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) is regularly monitoring the farms, plants and other processing facilities as additional safeguard to the public.

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